Linux vs Windows

And what happened when my laptop got old and I didn’t have the time to get a new one

My new and clean desktop!

When I was looking for a job I got a challenge. I had to choose the best fit OS for the service I wrote, and explain my choice. So choosing was, of course, the easiest part. But to explain in the best way why did I choose Linux, I wanted to do some research. So what was my actual reason? Linux is the most common OS for servers. After my research I actually found out that my first thought was totally right. That is the most important reason.

Be Common

When you have to choose a server, learning from universal experience is not a bad choice. 70% of servers run on Linux. This is the reason it’s gotten so much better over time - each user who wants a missing feature, can just develop it. This is thanks to the amazing fact that Linux is open-source, which means the code itself is published on GitHub.


Another side-effect of an open-source operating system, is that security vulnerabilities are exposed to everyone. One might think that this is a disadvantage - any hacker can find out how to break into your system if it uses Linux! But the opposite is true. Once a vulnerability is exposed, users will be aware of it and be careful, and more importantly - the community will find a way to fix it.


Believe it or not, money plays an important part of decision-making. As a junior developer you might think that performance and scale are everything. In reality, though, money is often one of the most important considerations… and Linux is F R E E. Additionally, developing proprietary features for company use is free too (not counting developing time of course)

Once upon a time there was a laptop

So now that my beautiful old man of a PC, who was a sprightly laptop eight years ago, is old, I have decided to delete his brain. He has had windows 7 installed since the 10 version gave him a heart attack. And than came the day, when I had to submit a challenge for Back-End position. I knew that running a virtual machine with Linux on it would kill my friend forever (not to mention the crashing Docker installation attempts). And actually I really wanted to get used to working with Linux. So now my best friend speaks Ubuntu, and my laptop and I will live happily ever after. The End.

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